Argentina vs Saudi Arabia Prediction: FIFA World Cup 2022

A casual look at world football today reveals that most of the big nations are ageing or simply do not have a team for whom they would take a pay-day to watch them perform in a meaningless friendly. That is not the case with Argentina. Although not as glamorously-backed as teams like Brazil and Spain, they have a quality squad who have managed to dominate international football. They topped their World Cup group in 2010 and reached the semi-final of 2014.

One man will lead Argentina to their first-ever World Cup win in Qatar in 2022. At 40 years of age, Messi will be 44 years and 191 days old when Argentina claim their first World Cup trophy in their World Cup history. As already mentioned, Messi has five world cup appearances to his name with Argentina but in 2014, he did not have a great tournament at all and is not regarded as the world’s best player.

I will give this Argentina vs Saudi Arabia game a prediction of Argentina 1-0 in the first half, Argentina would play more offensively but have their best chance in the second half with a goal. If Argentina cannot score, Messi will come out and force Saudi Arabia to play defensively. Saudi Arabia will keep Messi out of the game but Argentina will have enough chances to take the game into extra time. If Argentina score first, they have a good chance of progressing to the next round as Saudi Arabia do not stand a chance. A win for Argentina will see Messi achieve his biggest career goal.

World Cup 2022 FIFA world cup prediction:

Argentina vs Saudi Arabia First half:

Argentina 1-0 Saudi Arabia, Argentina is not going to score with Messi so they will have a lot of possession in the first half. The game could go either way and with Messi needing a goal to get the best birthday gift ever in his life, I will give Argentina the win.

Second half:

Messi comes out in the second half and makes things happen with a goal. The game will then become a bit more defensively as Saudi Arabia are doing just that to keep Argentina out of the game. Argentina will then have to attack more as they do not have a shot on goal in the second half.

Extra time:

The game will go to extra time with both sides having some opportunities. Saudi Arabia are going to create chances for themselves but with their strikers failing to come out and finish them, they do not stand a chance. A Saudi Arabia win is possible but only if they

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